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What can INSPIRE do for me?

INSPIRE works across the GW4 institutions Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter and Plymouth to create experiences and funding opportunities for its students. Check out your university’s individual website, attend events and speak to your INSPIRE lead or a department ambassador for more information.

I am a 4th/5th year student, is it too late to get involved?

It is never too late to get involved with INSPIRE. Some of the most successful clinician researchers became involved in research either in later years of medical/dental/vet school, or during postgraduate clinical training. Your experience can be of high value to students in earlier years.

How can I get published in the INSPIRE Student Research Journal?

Go to the journal’s website at https://inspirestudentjournal.co.uk to read the instructions for authors and a link to the submission portal. Whether you have a research paper, a review, opinion piece or some artwork, we would be glad to receive it for future issues.

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